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Inaugurations and the 20th Amendment

The following resources were gathered and shared with teachers and students during a live virtual Inauguration Celebration on January 20, 2021, hosted by our collaborations at the National Council for History Education.


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JFK Inaugural Address


Four More Years

The More Things Change

Newcomers in American Government

American Panorama

The Executive Abroad Map
Where will the Biden-Harris administration focus their foreign policy initiatives first?

Voting America

Voting in the Civil War w/ Ed Ayers

Learning Resources

Agents of Influence 

What Candidates Can Learn From Shirley Chisholm  

Historians Must Contextualize the Election for Voters 

Additional election-themed resources

Other helpful links

National Park Service
Go Virtual - Presidential Inauguration (US National Park Service)

Delaware Humane Association
Indoguration of Major Biden - the White House Rescue Dog

NatGeo Kids
Talking to kids about the inauguration

National Constitution Center
What happens on Inauguration Day

Amanda Gorman, poet laureate
Amanda Gorman Captures the Moment in “The Hill We Climb”
Amanda Gorman is the Youngest Inaugural Poet in US History

The Hill We Climb - Inauguration poem performed 1/20/21 at U.S. Capitol
Video and transcript from CSPAN and the Baltimore Sun 
Lesson plan from PBS Newshour

National Archives 
Presidential websites archived (Clinton, GW Bush, Obama, Trump

Library of Congress
I Do Solemnly Swear - virtual exhibit
Inauguration of George Washington - Pennsylvania (Sen. William Maclay's diaries, 1789)

National Constitution Center
20th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

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